Monday, March 7, 2011

Well here goes nothing!

So this is my first blog EVER!!  Everybody is doing it so I thought I would give it a whirl.  I am going to make this first one short and sweet and just give you a little preview of the sanity that is to come!

My husband and I are currently trying to sell our little ole ranch we bought 11 years ago after we got married.  Since then, we had 2 awesome kids, added on 500 sq. feet and built the mother of all pole barns.  Nowwwwwww we are trying to sell in the worst market EVER...why wouldn't we?  This is generally how our luck goes.  Now mind you, once we sell we plan to build our dream home**  When I say plan to build our dream home I mean literally WE plan to build it.  I will go into all the details as the days go on but thought this might be an interesting journey to share (hopefully SOMEBODY reads this).  I think the hubby and I will need all the advice we can get! 
Here is a little snapshot of the homestead we are trying to part with right now.  We have had this baby up for sale for 2 years now!!  However the first 15 months were by owner!!  We are now with our second realtor and it just so happens that we got an offer on Friday!!  Yiiipppeeeeeeee, I am like a little school girl.  Don't want to get too excited though.  The offer was decent and we are submitting our counter today!  Sooooooooooooo, keep your fingers crossed and tune back in as I will be updating all the glorious details whether you want to hear them or not!!

**Dream home is a relative please keep in mind this is going to be a 2600 sq. foot traditional house...not Barbie's Mansion.

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  1. pink corvette in the driveway?