Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow that was fast!

Holy Toledo!!  Just as fast as they accepted our offer yesterday they planned to come with an inspector and test our water and check the septic today!!  They must mean business.  Not that I can't relate but they aren't messing around.  My hubby met with the inspector and the buyers to show them where everything was.  They informed him that they are having the full house inspection on FRIDAY!!!  Next thing you know the appraisal will be done.  Not that I mind progress but here is the scoop.  When they submitted their first offer they wanted to take possession 35 days from acceptance of the contract and they wanted to close 35 days from acceptance.  Soooooo basically they wanted possession at closing.  Our fear was that something would happen a week before closing and we would have all of our crap packed up and the deal would fall thru.  So, in our counter we said that they could take possession 5 days AFTER closing which we thought made sense.  However as fast as things are progressing I am worried that we may be closing sooner than later.  As I am sitting her typing this and partaking in an adult beverage I am thinking that I SHOULD be packing.

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