Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have TWO confessions to make!

The first one is pretty bad and I can't believe I am sharing it with all of you!!  Ok, brace yourself for it....are you ready????  Scroll down to find out

Keep Scrolling......

Ok, here it is! 

I like Ke$ha's new song, Blow.  OMG there it is I said it out loud.  I hope I didn't lose any respect from you out there.  Hey if you wanna check it out and judge for yourself then go here:

Ke$ha's New Song

Whew, ok we made it through that.  Now, onto my second confession:  my closets are a hot mess!  I started to take a look at them when I decided to plot my packing strategy.  Bwwhahahahhahaaaa!!  I even took a picture to share with ya'll.  Really I can't believe I am going to put this out there but here we go.  As I started to look at my linen closet in our master bathroom I realized that it is less linen and more crap.  So here it is:  I will dissect below.  Again, don't judge me :P

Seriously could I have more random crap in my closet???  Hahahhaa, I see some Xmas snow globes, an old vase with fake flowers, some garland from Xmas, a jewelry box, and an old decorative plate I used to have on my kitchen counter,  oh and I see some wrapped up treasures that I bought from Marshall's for the new house once it is built.  Hold on, I see the remote holder that Ryan used to have in his bedroom when he lived at home (did we REALLY need to save that??).  Wait, wait and up top I see both of the kids' kindergarten graduation caps, and diplomas.  If you were to look on the floor you would see piles of stuff that I have been buying and will be featuring in my dream house deals posts.  In my defense, after I took this picture I pretty much threw away all of the non-essential stuff in this closet.  Bwwwhahahahhaa, I guess this is just solid proof that I do indeed NEED a bigger house with more storage. 

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