Monday, March 28, 2011

Be vewy, vewy quiet....

I'm hunting, well raccoons!!!  It all started Saturday night when we were getting ready for bed and Emma heard something scratching at the ceiling.  Let me just point out that I have been hearing something in the ceiling for quite some time now.  However, every time I would wake Ryan up the noise would quit so he thought I was crazy!  Back to Saturday....Ryan got to hear it FINALLY!!  He swore up and down that it was just a mouse.  So he climbed into the attic to do a little investigating.  He couldn't find anything so we went to bed.
Fast forward to Sunday night and we were getting ready to tuck the kids in and it started again!!!  I swear whatever is up there sounds like it is going to dig through the ceiling.  It just so happened that we had company.  Sooooooooo we sent Jarod in to get his take and he came back and said that is NOT a mouse.  He and Ryan grabbed the ladder and into the attic they went!  Guess what they found......

Let's be honest here.  A 'coon in the attic does not up the resale value.  Uggghhhhh so Ryan found it and grabbed his pellet gun.  However it was dark...wanna see??

He realized that he couldn't hold the flashlight and shoot the gun so that idea was thrown out.  Plan B you ask???  They went and got a live trap and put some cat food in it and set 'er up! 

 Ryan says, "I'm gonna get you sucka!!"  Or is he?????  Ryan got up first thing to go check out our prisoner.  Well, apparently Rocky waltzed into the live trap feasted on the cat food and sauntered out to continue tormenting us!!!  Ryan re-set the trap with some tuna fish this afternoon.  I was hoping we would catch him before Ryan went to work this evening but not so much.

Soooooo, let me just tell you this.  If that thing starts digging at the ceiling above our bedroom and falls through on my face....I will have the big one!!! 

Update:  Uggghhhhhhhhhh he is back and scratching away AS WE SPEAK (er, type)!!!  Seriously this could be another sleepless night.  That thing sounds chunky too!!  Just go to the tuna, go to the tuna!!!
Wish me luck!!!!

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