Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Could I be any happier???

Ok, so could I be any happier???????

1. The raccoon if officially out of OUR HOUSE and off to another field!!  Yiippeeee, I am so ready for a good night of sleep in my own bed!!  Here is the culprit and Uncle Jaord hauling Rocky out of the attic:

Let me just say THANK YOU to Grandpa Pete and Uncle Jarod for getting this bandit out tonight.  Cuz he/she was NOT happy in that trap for the night!!!

2.  We had another showing tonight for a couple that were VERY interested in our house.  I was running out of here at the last minute and they were a younger couple and had 2 blonde little girls that looked like they were twins to me.  This could be the perfect place for them.  The only bummer is that this house doesn't come with a built in pet any more ;)


  1. OMG that is freaking HILARIOUS! hahahaaha!

  2. You named your raccoon? I hope it doesn't come back. I've got my fingers crossed for the house.

  3. It will not come back. Oh yes I do have a new hat.