Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Houston we have a communication problem!!

Wow, do we ever have a communication problem.  Sweet baby Jesus I think the other realtor is trying to give me the big one.  We FINALLY got him to re-send the attachment he forgot to attach to his email on Friday.  It was a report on our septic and leach field.  As I said, we had some technical difficulties with the leach field and that was reflected in the report.  However the only information he put in the actual email was "please review".  Not "hey how 'bout you guys take your deal and shove it" or "hey how 'bout you guys knock 10 grand off your asking price".....NOPE just "please review".  So we are going to get with our realtor and come up with a decent response.  I think they really want the house and want to try to work it out.  Sooooo back to the negotiating board!!  So, woooohhhhhooooo the deal is not done!!!!

Could we please make this work cuz look as these anxious kids!!  They are ready to build a new house!!!

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