Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream House Deals

Since we've had to wait 2 years to get to this point I've had nothing but time to think.  Since I am a little OCD I pretty much have all the colors picked out for each room in the house.  So my plan has been to pick things up along the way as I find screamin' deals.  I will share all those little treasure as I pick them up!  So here is my first purchase.  It is a piece of furniture and my husband was oh so happy that I picked up a new piece of furniture that we are going to have to store along with EVERYTHING else!

I picked this baby up at Sofa Mart for $163.87.  Now tell me that isn't a screamin' deal!!  I mean come on it is leather!! Not sure exactly which room this is going in but I am certain I will put it to good use.  That is, once we've stored it for the next 8 months :D 

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